Friday, April 5, 2013

Homemade Body Butter, also known as, Janet's Body Shmootz

copyright 2013.  Please do not steal or sell this recipe or soap made from this recipe.

This is my simple recipe for easy body butter/balm.  It has NO PRESERVATIVES, so it will not last for long.  I make a small container full at a time - about 4 oz.

You can use this for an eye makeup remover, moisturizer - body and face, and hand cream - it's an all purpose cream.

Sometimes I will alternate and use more of one item - or add items, like olive oil

Janet's Body Shmootz (2 types)

you will need:
--glass bowl
--immersion blender, or wire whisk
--container or jar with lid (if recycled, please clean out first)

--3 TBSP coconut oil
--3 TBSP shea butter
--3 TBSP sweet almond oil


--3 TBSP coconut oil
--3 TBSP shea butter
--1 TBSP sweet almond oil
--1 TBSP olive oil

Mix ingredients together in bowl till well blended.  Put in freezer for 10 minutes - this will harden the mixture.  Then, blend for a few minutes or until whipped the way you want it -  OR, use the wire whisk until whipped up nicely.

Put in jar or container.

Keep in refrigerator when not in use - it will last longer that way.  It will be a hard butter and will melt on its own, but if you want to use it right away, put it in microwave for about 10-15 seconds OR, set container in sink of hot water for a few minutes - then, shake it up and it's ready to use.  I carry it in my purse all day, then put it back in frig at night.

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  1. NOTE - this stuff is fabulous - i keep a small container (about 4 oz) in my bag and take it to work with me - at night, stick it in the frig (just so it will last longer) - but you don't have to - and sometimes i heat it in the microwave to make it more of an "oil" - so far, the small container lasts me almost a month - just depends on how much you use it

    ALSO - there are no preservatives in this, so make sure you SMELL IT before you USE IT - if it smells like a dirty sock or something rank - it's bad - so far, i haven't had that happen because by making a small amount, i use it up