Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our New Dehydrator - We Dehydrated Garlic First...

We are so excited - we got our first dehydrator - I read the book/pamphlet and decided to try garlic first - First, I peeled and separated 3 garlic bulbs, which equalled to 2 CUPS of garlic cloves - then I sliced them very thin and spread out on the dehydrator trays (took 2 trays for 2 cups of garlic cloves) - then turned it on according to the directions...and it took about 9.5 hrs for them to be crisp - then, I used my food processor to grind it down - makes about 1/4 cup of the strongest purest garlic powder I have ever seen.  The garlic powder is very very strong - much stronger than anything you will get in the stores (at least 2-3 times stronger) because it is pure and fresh - that 1/4 cup will last a long time - I put it in a ceramic jar with a tight lid.

I definitely plan to make some more and make garlic salt.

our kitty seems to have taken over the box LOL

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